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How can markets work better for the poor? What approaches deliver impact at scale?

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How can markets work better for the poor? What approaches deliver impact at scale? Tuesday, 17 March, 17.30 to 19.00 followed by reception (Registration from 17.00).

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Many initiatives of governments, companies, donors and NGOs, aim to help the poor engage in markets – selling their labour or products, or securing the inputs, finance and services they need. But too often the scale of impact is limited, the output unsustainable. New approaches are exploring how to make markets work for the poor – commercially, systemically and fairly.


Speaker: Alan Gibson, co-founder of the Springfield Centre, speaking on DFID’s approach to "Making Markets Work for the Poor". Alan will outline how this approach to developing markets is being applied in practice, and its implications for how we should work in future: audio
Dr William Kwesi Derban, Head of Community Relations, Emerging Markets at Barclays, speaking on the potential opportunities and challenges around reaching the poor at scale through commercial banking services that meet their needs, and the implications that access to finance has for their wider engagement in markets. William will draw on Barclays Bank's experience in providing access or extending financial services to the unbanked: audio
Chris West, Director, Shell Foundation, speaking on their work promoting enterprise-based solutions, applying market principles and business DNA to generate sustainable and scaleable solutions. Chris will report on their experience and the challenges that it raises for local institutions, and all those that seek to support them: audio
Jon Mitchell, Tourism Programme Leader, Overseas Development Institute, speaking on ODI's work to shift mindsets in tourism, to scale up impacts on poverty within the sector. Jon will outline how a value chain approach challenges assumptions about the best options for the poor, and helps reveal why some value chains work so much better for the poor than others: audio
Chair: Simon Maxwell, Director, Overseas Development Institute
Discussion: Audio

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'Making Markets Work for the Poor'

New material on the M4P approach including a M4P Synthesis, explaining the essence of the approach, M4P Perspectives , eight papers explaining its application in different markets, and the M4P Operational Guide.

Commercial Finance

Barclays approach to financial inclusion is outlined on their website, and covered in a recent review about their approach, conducted by article 13, a CSR consultancy and in case studies about Barclays work on microfinance in Ghana and the Kantine Project in Uganda

Enterprise Development

The Shell Foundation’s enterprise development approach outlined on their website and their latest publication Enterprise Solutions to Poverty.

Value Chains

ODI’s new Briefing Paper on use of value chain analysis of scale up poverty impact in tourism,  and information on other value chain approaches to upgrading participation of small producers, such as from the Danish Institute of International Studies.

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