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Did Corporate Social Responsibility Cause the Financial Crisis?

Peter Foster, a columnist for a Canadian newspaper, the National Post, caught my attention with a article reviewing the recent World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland. The WEF is a Swiss NPO looking to inculcate Corporate Responsibility into business practices around the world. Their motto is ‘entrepreneurship in… Continue

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Social Investment Forum Urges President-Elect Obama to Lead on Policies Advancing Shareholder Rights, Increased Disclosure and Corporate Responsibility

Needed Changes: Expanded Shareholder Access to Ballot, Clarity on Duties of Fiduciaries, Expanded ESG Reporting; New Direction Sought in SEC Rules and Practices.

This article was posted: WASHINGTON, Jan. 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --…


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Dame Barbara Stocking, Chief Executive, Oxfam GB, discussing the role of business in poverty alleviation in the context of the current economic crisis

The impact of the current economic crisis on developing countries is variable. Although most do not face the dramatic declines in growth that Western countries are facing, impacts are still significant on what are already vulnerable communities:

• The ILO estimates that 20 million jobs will be lost in the developing world this year alone;

• Remittances, a fundamental source of income for many in developing countries, is expected to fall by $250 billion;

• Plus the… Continue

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Join the Fight against Malnutrition through Large-Scale Food Fortification

Poor nutrition, particularly deficiencies in micronutrients such as iron, vitamin A and folic acid, affect a third of the world’s population, representing over two billion people of all ages and socioeconomic groups and account for an estimated 7.3% of the total global burden of disease.

Food fortification is one of the most feasible, cost-effective and sustainable strategies available to improve micronutrient status for an entire population. GAIN was established in 2002 to…


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Who should Moralise?

Today both BBC and Sky have been criticized for taking a position on an issue we all need to address, media impartiality.

With all honesty few of us can say we haven't a personal view on the rights and wrongs of the Arab/Israel situation. This post isn't going to cover my views nor should but it asking the real question about when does the media have the luxury of Morality?

Many conuntries have a share in the responisbility for the ongoing wars and that includes the… Continue

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Think about this very carefully - then get your spade out!

When I dig another out of trouble, the hole from which I lift him is the place where I bury my own. --Chinese Proverb


Mike Shraga

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An attitude of gratitude creates blessings!

Today's Quote

An attitude of gratitude creates blessings.

-Sir John Templeton


Mike Shraga

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The disempowering nature of international conglomerates

I had to find a title that didn't overly criticize international businesses but the point that has to be made is that trade in itself does not empower business. That was the concept that organisations like Fair trdae addressed in their beginnings, but the lure of money has skewed best intentions.

To empower local communities through businesses and trade activities requires such a open and often vulnerable stance most companies will not take the chance. That is why we have so many… Continue

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Finance 2.0: The New Infrastructures


The social networking tools of the Web 2.0 meet the banking crisis. Enter a new generation of Internet-based, peer-to-peer finance mechanisms that connect people who want to borrow money…


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Aid Agencies Need Tracking / Empowerment Software

We are in the final stages of completing a online project for a company shipping / distributing donated books,stationary and equipment to schools in Natal and North West Province in South Africa!

The mandate from the International funders was, no tracking software / systems no further donations, I agree fully even though I own the software company, if more aid agencies utilized a on line tracking system to guarantee the people the donation was aimed at received it, I believe… Continue

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Reflections on event number 1 - 21/1/09

I was very pleased to get the opportunity, as a private individual to attend the event last night (20/1/09) at the Commonwealth Club near Trafalgar Square. DFID used the opportunity to launch their 'Private Sector Development Strategy' (PDF).

I applaud this initiative - supporting business development to provide… Continue

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Michael Foster MP: The Role Of Business In Development


By Michael Foster MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the UK's Department for International…


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CSR and Employee Volunteer Programs: How to Make the Business Case

“The business doesn’t need to understand social impact; social impact needs to understand the business,” said Saul. “In other words, social impact needs to prove its value to the business.”

The following is an expert from a brilliant and concise article addressing a… Continue

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Africa needs R.E.E.S

(R)evenue (E)arning (E)mpowerment (S)oftware

It has occurred to me recently that the day I write a system that does not earn directly or indirectly revenue for a client, it will probably be some sort of game package, all our systems work at the coal face of business, in Africa today I believe it is going to be essential to put in a strong software development infrastructure to assist the new (and old) generation of entrepreneurs in creating sustainable business's with tried and… Continue

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President Obama and International Development

I published a piece on NextBillion.net about the connection between Obama, social entrepreneurs, and business at the base of the pyramid. Hope you enjoy.

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*Pro* Challenger
Impact, implementation, innovation and the business case: a lively agenda for 2009


Inclusive business, responsible business, corporate engagement, harnessing core competencies … call it what we will, there is a great deal to discuss beyond our terminology.…


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Covalence Ethical Ranking 2008

Geneva-based Covalence is publishing today its annual ethical ranking covering an enlarged universe of 541 multinationals within 18 sectors and based on a renovated calculation methodology combining popularity and diversified performance.

The main results across sectors are:

> The following companies enter the top 10: Xerox (5th), General Electric (8th), and DuPont (10th), replacing IBM (14th), Hewlett-Packard (30th), and Toyota (34th).

> Leaders are HSBC,… Continue

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From little things, big things grow : Utilising e-commerce to drive a CSR strategy

One of the most challenging things a company can face is how to decide what form their CSR strategy might take.

Do we take a holistic approach and look at all of the potential pillars in terms of our social, ethical and environmental impact? Do we bite one off and square up our carbon impact? Do we get caught in the constant argument over how we should measure all of the above or do we just bite the bullet and do something?

We bit the bullet.

WorldNomads.com is… Continue

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Business successfully fighting poverty reported

I have been publishing Medical Journal of Therapeutics Africa (http://www.mjota.org) now since 15 Jan 2007! Two years of continuous publications! After coming up with the concept on a train ride from Boston to Philadelphia on 22 May 2006 after a National Writers Union training conference on contract negotiation, and a long conversation with a Ghanaian engineer in Scotland who wanted to go back to Ghana but was trapped.

My goal for MJoTA from the first instant was to help African… Continue

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A New Paradigm in Effective Public Private Partnerships

I am in the process of designing a system whereby mainstream markets can play an important role in a pre competitive way in the provision of social infrastructure to poor agricutural communities. This role must be in partnership with governments and donors and not instead of since the responsibility for provision of these services must be govenment led.

A major challenge for the development of the system is whether the donor community will begin to embrace mainstream markets as the… Continue

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