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Are you a card carrying member of Generation G?

I read a lot online about Generation C (folk born after 1990) - connected, communicating, computerized.

I don’t believe for a minute however that 24/7 access to digital devices, as great as this is, means we are connected or good at communication, in fact the opposite can be the case.

We are in danger of losing both the art of real human connection and real communication, as well as the big C is my view, compassion!

While I accept the rise and… Continue

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One Warm Coat honored with two awards, national recognition keeps need for coats in the spotlight

After nearly two decades of shining a light on the need for warm coats, One Warm Coat finds itself in the spotlight, thanks to two recent prestigious honors.

Last month, One Warm Coat was awarded 2nd Prize honors in a national contest sponsored byBreakthrough Non-profit Branding  authors Carol Cone and Jocelyn Daws. USA Today donated $100,000…


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The Aspen Institute Announces 2011 Business & Society Case Competition for MBA Students

Students from 25 leading business schools from around the world will compete next month for recognition and $40,000 in prize money by…


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McKesson Foundation Awards $1.5 Million to Researchers Studying How Mobile Technology Can Help Patients Manage Diabetes

The McKesson Foundation today announced the six recipients of $1.5 million in research …


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The Global Shea Alliance, Ghana. Get Involved!

From The Body Shop, calling all users and stakeholders of the shea industry! Three links you will hopefully find of interest - a role for business in the development of hundreds of thousands of rural women in West Africa.




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Urban poverty... the future of poverty as the world modernizes

With a worldwide trend toward increased urbanization for the last 2 centuries, poverty is undeniably becoming an urban issue. Urban poverty will become the major aspect of poverty in the coming decades.

Find out more in this article:


soon enough you'll also be able to add your own facts, sources, causes and effects of urban poverty and other topics on the website! So… Continue

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A Pulse Check on the (Sorryish) State of Employee Involvement in Workplace Giving/Volunteering Programs

What is the current state of employee giving and volunteering programs, especially as it relates to the goals of employee involvement and engagement?

Although many companies (particularly most large coompanies) have implemented workplace giving programs, the employee element of corporate giving often lags in attention and innovation behind the focus given to the community and consumer-facing aspects of corporate…


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Job Opportunity: Analyst, Standards and Measurement Position Available at Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy

CECP is seeking an inquisitive and dynamic Analyst to support the global expansion of the …


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DOT Film Fest 2011 Announces Festival Host and Jury

Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) is pleased to introduce our host and jury for the first annual DOT Film Festival.


Hosting the 2011 festival is Bob Isherwood, the former Worldwide Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi. An advertising industry leader and new media champion, Isherwood was the driving force behind the Saatchi & Saatchi Award for World Changing Ideas, and presented the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors…


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The Big Bluff: Wall Street Traders Burn Down The House


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Western Union CEO, Hikmet Ersek, Develops Partnership with the United Nations to Advance the Millenium Development Goals

Western Union has joined forces with CECP and the United Nations to pioneer new approaches to rallying the public and other companies…


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Study of the Climate Change and Carbon Jobs Market Confirms Continued Growth

‘Green jobs’ substantially outperformed the rest of the job market despite the turbulent economy, with salaries of green collar…


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The Path Lies Within..........


If eternal Bliss is destination, then he path lies within. You need to surrender to your inner self to  conquer the world

You cannot seek an acquaintance with the world when your inner self is a stranger to you.

Peace of mind is something everyone aspires for, and yet nobody seems to know when, where, and how to get it. Over a …


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Development Dynamics, Embrace the Culture to Embrace the Cause



Many development agencies from America & Europe are doing extraordinary work in many strife torn countries of Africa and Asia. There well intentioned efforts are often met with resistance from the populace, prisoners of in age old culture and customs. They consider any community development activity to be an encroachment into their well protected domain.

Any community development or capacity building activity has to be conceived staying within and…


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Small & Silent is also work


“Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love” —Martin Luther King

There are hundreds and thousands of silent workers the unsung heroes with limited or no resources working under great adversity with just grit determination & self less zeal as their tools.…


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We can help in Capacity Building & Development projects in India.


An appeal to the Development Agencies world Over


We are Capacity Building & Development. We are an organization into facilitation of jobs for the job seekers across the world.We have a reach that spans 103 countries in the world. Almost 37% of the traffic for the site is from India and almost 17% from USA.Our reach in Asia is almost 65% of our traffic.Middle East  contributes to about 15%.


We have been regularly posting jobs based…


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Closing the knowing - doing gap

Part of my plan this year, my 20th in partnering with passionate and enlightened business leaders to change what’s normal inside corporations for the good of people, our planet, and for profit, is to close the gap between what I know and what I do.

This is a challenge!

The most challenging aspect of my work with organisation is to actually inspire people do what what they know they should.

To begin my own journey I reread The Knowing- Doing Gap by J. Pfeffer and… Continue

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Ludo Lauwers, Vice Chairman of Janssen Pharmaceutica, talks about unlikely alliances

This is interesting. Around Christmas time, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Janssen Pharmaceutica, Ludo Lauwers, was interviewed by Bert Lauwers of Trends.be. Lauwers talked about the need to think out of the box and innovate by forming alliances with unlikely partners. He mentioned Microsoft, Google, General Electric, Siemens and Philips as potential collaborators of the future.…

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