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Challenges of micro retailers in frontier markets

The life of a micro retailer in frontier markets is often less than envious.  High uncertainty and limited capital is often topped with harassment.  But what is a micro retailer? Micro retailers are often classified as enterprises employing fewer than 4 people, with a monthly turnover of less than $2,000 a month. They are generally independent, stock a small selection of stock keeping units (SKUs) and operate out of fixed locations or remain on the move (e.g.…


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The Slippery Slope Of Impact Investing

Impact investing is hot right now. The meteoric rise of social enterprise is shaking the foundations of the nonprofit sector, and traditional investors are starting to pay attention. There are more than…


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Global Development: Investors in People?

We hear it all the time. Investors invest in people, not products or ideas. Marty Zwilling, a veteran start-up mentor, describes people as the great competitive advantage. I wonder what the non-profit world might learn from people like…


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The next generation of Changemakers: Nourdin Maghrebin

I founded Street Workout as a teenager, as a way to stay away from toxic habits and challenge old stereotypes. Youth – in particular, minorities – face numerous obstacles growing up and I wanted to do something to help.…


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Seeing in the dark: a key to growing your business

As a boy I became afraid of the dark. My fear arose because our toilet was a few steps from the main house and a few times while in there the lights went out leaving me in the dark and literally unable to find my way back home. My Grandfather on learning of my plight gave me this advice, “Just stay still, wait awhile, and you’ll soon be able to see in the dark. I trusted him, did what he said, and overcame my fear.…


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Michael Gidney: What Will it Take to Make Fair Trade Practices the Norm?

Photo: Still from Fairtrade Matters


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Jean-Marc Duvoisin, CEO, Nespresso: How Nespresso Supports Local Farmers to Business Success

An Interview with Jean-Marc Duvoisin, CEO, Nespresso

In the business of coffee, the taste and quality of the bean can make or break your product. So Nespresso CEO Jean-Marc Duvoisin…


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Elise Wach: Should Agribusiness or Agroecology Be The Future of Africa?


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Meet Keith Weed, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Unilever


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April Streeter: South-East Asia Briefing - A Sustainable Garment Industry in Cambodia?


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April Streeter: India’s Companies Act – The 2% Solution


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Mass production, low value end of market, poor working conditions, country's economic growth pinned to it- what am I talking about?

A surprising viewing of Simon Reeve's documentary on, 'Vietnam-the instant coffee growing' nation of the world brought home some remarkable similarities to the ready-made garment sector in country's like Bangladesh. Vietnam's instant coffee, reliant on low production costs, allegations of poor working conditions and creating environmental problems. But it provides employment to millions & a living wage to the poor of the country. And the most significant fact- we get our morning…


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Creaking Mindsets: Why business are about to learn some hard lessons

Are we experiencing a revolution in the way that organisations operate? A recent essay in the Harvard Business Review has caused a stir by claiming that we are. The authors, Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms, draw a distinction between institutions that are defined by “old power” and “new power.” The former rely…


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Unlocking the potential of Pakistan's disengaged youth

“I was forced to marry my cousin against my will… On the day of my marriage I was feeling lifeless … My husband suspected my reluctance as a sign of my relationship with another man. He called me a whore and tortured me mentally and…


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This CEO Inspires Customers to Live Healthier

By Meghan Ennes, Community Coordinator, Shared Value Initiative

South Africa-based Discovery Insurance operates on a very different kind of model than other insurers – one that…


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Event Audio: Accelerating Sustainable and Inclusive Business


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Boosting Knowledge Transfer in the RMG Sector in Bangladesh

The successful Dhaka Apparel Summit, held in December 2014, concluded that Bangladesh's Ready-Made Garment (RMG) industry is aiming at doubling its current capacity, whilst addressing workplace related issues.


GreenGrade's UpSkill aims to complement existing commitment of organisations eager to transfer essential knowledge on social compliance among RMG managers across the country.…


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Charting Your Corporate Volunteerism Roadmap


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Diamonds on a ring of gold

Undertake any level of investigation into the ethics behind the jewellery industry and you will find that brands, even the big ones, seem quite vague about the sourcing of their products. This does not mean that they are sourcing 'unethically', it simply means that provenance information, and assurance of traceability, cannot be provided because the supply chain is so complex and fragmented. READ MORE:…


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Lina Salazar Ortegon: Counterintuitive Ideas are the Right Answer for Sustainable Enterprises

Photo: Lina Salazar


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