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Report from Africa Trade and Investment Conference, Cape Town


Bankers from across Africa gathered in Cape Town last week to call for an increase in South-South trade as a means to combat the effects of the global financial crisis on the continent. Trade between "South" economies currently makes up only 6% of global trade flows, although growth has been rapid. Since 1985 Africa's trade with other "South " economies is up 1170%.

The call comes as the financial crisis hits the continent in the… Continue

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Great first week for Peace Through Commerce eConference - message from Professor Tim Fort

Thank you, all, for a great start to the Peace Through Commerce eConference last week. We now number over 600 participants in the conference and last week featured nearly 100 discussion posts. This week, we look at three specific examples of institutions with peace-building projects that link business and peace. The following week, we turn to some thought-leaders who have developed conceptual models… Continue

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Like others before me, I have been getting increasingly interested in the idea of franchising.

The idea appeals to me partly because of my experiences with IDG and Intellecap. Firstly I realized that what we need in…


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Enterprise & Entrepreneurship in Development

I recently completed a research study on the opportunities and challenges facing development organisation (from donors & policy-makers; through NGOs and development agencies to micro & small enterprises): “Opportunities and management requirements for enterprise & entrepreneurship-based programmes in development!)

In addition to the resources that I have found very useful through the Business Figths Poverty network (such as the entry… Continue

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Great start to the eConference - Message from Professor Tim Fort

Thanks everyone for contributing to such a strong start for the eConference, with 592 participants worldwide. The range of discussions is impressive, with nearly 60 replies from you already.

I do want to make note that some of the themes quite rightly raised this week immediately relate to issues that will appear throughout the conference, including with targeted themes in coming weeks (listed below). Poverty issues, for example, are central for the idea of business… Continue

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Banking Crisis – Logical Seeming Solutions that Must Be Too Logical. Multi-part entry, 2 of 3.

This entry continues the multi-part blog on alternative approaches to the financial crisis and, in particular, the media coverage of it. You are invited to the past posts to see other ideas. As always, ideas, thoughts, comments, criticisms, and colloquialisms are welcome to be invited to

The reporting and information on the financial ‘crisis’ appears very limiting with little information on actual progress. There are many alternatives to address this… Continue

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We could make great impacts in the Developing world by helping out the poor with sustainable Agricultural practices to break even the crisis of poverty.

It is most obvious investors don't want to take the risk of relinquishing the imprisonment poverty could have cause these people in the Developing world.

A step to this is having the opportunity as a young entrepreneur in and among the family of vibrant Business 'gurus' to take the mantle in outreaching the hand of… Continue

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Six Reasons Why You'll Never Volunteer Again

The downturn in the economy is proving to be a boon to volunteerism. It won’t matter. Most non profits are egregiously under-resourced in staff, dollars and expertise. Here are six reasons why most volunteer experiences will inoculate people against ever coming back.

The Push-and-Pull Effect…


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End Poverty Campaign

Campaign to End Global Poverty


Basic Info


Organizations - Non-Profit Organizations


We can help billions of people - and ourselves...

The End Poverty Campaign is a comprehensive program. It makes innovative use of free and fair trade, microfinance and other social entrepreneurship innovations. These fairly new, low-cost and proven methods have already helped hundreds of millions of people lift themselves from poverty.

AN… Continue

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Caroline Ashley: "Six Priorities for Business and Development"

By Caroline Ashley, ODI

Six strong themes already emerge from the ODI / DFID / BAA Meeting Series on…


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Red LideraRSE

Junto a varios líderes de Organizaciones Empresariales estamos participando en esta Red por la Responsabilidad Social, dentro de la cual, nos encontramos actualmente desarrollando un intercambio para la definición de Principios de Gestión Responsable para Organizaciones Empresariales.

Los interesados pueden adherirse libremente en

Fernando Esteban Passarelli

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What are people in the G(n-20) countries thinking right now?

Before ORT Treatment

Image credit: From J N Ruxon, Medical Hostory, 1994, 38: 363-397

Early one morning in 1988 I arrived early for a meeting in… Continue

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Mary Houghton Receives New Award Recognizing Champions in the Fight to end Poverty.

The Opportunity Collaboration has selected Mary Houghton, co-founder and President of ShoreBank Corporation to receive the 2009 Economic Opportunity Achievement Award at the Opportunity Collaboration, taking place from October 17-20.

“It is remarkable that ShoreBank’s responsible and innovative use of credit and operating financial institutions specializing in community development has earned a place at the table, where leaders and developers from around the world are convening to… Continue

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WHL : Making Travel Fairer by Design

WHLis a global network of local grassroots owned tour businesses providing online booking capability for travel product from destinations in the developing world.

The WHL mission is to support sustainable tourism and suppliers at the bottom of the pyramid. The company resulted from a pilot project financed by the International Finance Corporation (part of the World Bank Group) to assist small and medium enterprise (SME) accommodation providers in the… Continue

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Human Resources Vs Human Refugees (HR)

Human Resources Vs Human Refugees (HR)

I am designing a new module to plug and play into my On-Line Credit Card CRM system which will "manage" refugee's, there is a large un-tapped resource that can used for the good of a country instead of criticing them. lets use them to grow the country!



Mike Shraga

Increasing Customer Service With Systems Technology…


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Ethics in In Business

We have to strive for a greatewr sense of honesty in business , as we can see the collapse of so many banks and corporates .

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Peace Through Commerce eConference: Welcome Message from Professor Tim Fort

The World Bank Institute and the Institute for Corporate Responsibility are pleased to announce the launch of the Peace Through Commerce eConference this Monday, 23 March. We are delighted that so many of you have registered - nearly 500 already - and encourage new participants to join by… Continue

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You are only as good as your last defeat!

Today's Quote

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.

-F. Scott Fitzgerald


Mike Shraga

Increasing Customer Service With Systems Technology

Email For More Information On Warehouse-IT…


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Alan Gibson, Co-Founder, The Springfield Centre: "The making markets work for the poor (M4P) approach: what it is and why it’s important"


Two warning lights in red should be acknowledged in considering making markets work for the poor. First, development has a long and inglorious tradition of interesting ideas…


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Banking Crisis – Logical Seeming Solutions that Must Be Too Logical. Multi-part entry.

I am sure many of you are tired of hearing about the banking crisis and also tired of the media coverage about it. What I find amazing is how many smart people it takes for something stupid.

Economic situations such as this are clearly political, as is clear from the quick passage of the financial bailout and the TARP treatment now. However, what I cannot figure out is the naivete of much of the reporting coverage and the lack of response about a number of financial items that seem obvious… Continue

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