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Stefan Maard: SDGs and Corporate Strategy - Putting the Two Together in Novozymes’ Long Term Planning

By Stefan Maard from DIVA Ventures L3

Novozymes is…


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Serena Guarnaschelli: Convergence - Design Funding for Blended Finance in Emerging and Frontier Markets

By Serena Guarnaschelli, Dalberg


Earlier this year at the World Economic Forum in Davos, we welcomed the launch of Convergence: a platform…


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Delivering on

An issue brief published on 15 March by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) highlights how inclusive business solutions can deliver both business and societal value, in full alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (…


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A Few Things to Remember in FX Trade

Trading of currencies as a profession and vocation has been here from the medieval ages, back when the famous Medici family ruled Florence in the 14th century. Skip to the present, and currency trading is still carried out with gusto. In 21st century terminology, it has come to be called “foreign exchange trading” or simply ‘forex trading’. This has been treated as a means of making money in a fast and safe manner, which is the prime attraction that draws people to it.…


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Caylee Talpert: A Platform for Partnerships – How a Tech Start-up is Enabling Local Content by Empowering Local Entrepreneurs and Enhancing the Capabilities of All Stakeholders

By Caylee Talpert, Director of Business Development, nFrnds

Partnerships, local content, empowerment, creating eco-systems - all buzz words that I am sure are very familiar to Business Fights…


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The On Purpose Associate Programme

We’re a community who put purpose before profit - professionals who get stuck in, find solutions and never think of work as ‘just a job’.

You can join our community through the Associate Programme, which provides the space you need to jump-start a purpose-led career. Past Associates have described it as ‘transformative’ and ‘crucial to helping me understand how I could apply my skills to something truly fulfilling’. Here’s how it…


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What will it take for young communities to realise their political power?

Quite simply, the answer is meaningful engagement.

Over the past six years Bite The Ballot has laid the foundations to evolve the relationships between individuals, communities and decision making. Where…


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Ellen Goodman: Six Changemaker Women You (Probably) Haven’t Heard of

By Ellen Goodman, Ashoka UK


In honour of International Women’s Day, we celebrated six changemaker women who are transforming communities, and redefining the role of women in society. From…


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2016 SEED Awards: Tailored support for social and environmental enterprises

Locally-run small, micro and medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs) can make a significant contribution towards sustainable development: they do not only provide two thirds of permanent, full-time jobs in developing countries (IFC), they also have in-depth knowledge of local social and…


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Stuart Reid: The Paradox of Partnership – Overcoming Cultural Difference

By Stuart Reid, Board Trustee, The Partnering Initiative…


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Nicolas Chevrollier: Inclusive Innovation - From Idea to Impact

By Nicolas Chevrollier, Senior Programme Manager, BoPInc, Inclusive Innovation and the Inclusive Business Accelerator programme…


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Gerwin Jansen: Inclusive Innovation - Context Matters

Image: How can wearable technologies become relevant for the BoP context? Check UNICEF’s Wearable for Good Challenge for some…


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Aidan McQuade: Obama Unshackles Slavery Ban

By Aidan McQuade, Director, Anti-Slavery International

In 1938 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt effectively ended child labour in the United States by prohibiting its use in interstate commerce. He…


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David Armstrong: ‘Slummin’ It with the Kids’ - A Half-term Family Adventure to the Slums of Delhi

By David Armstrong, Girls' Education Challenge

“What are you looking forward to most about Delhi?” I asked my kids,…


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Joanna Heywood: ACRE – A New Platform to Connect Impact Investors with SME’s in the Global South

Image: Christian Aid/Severine Flores

By Joanna Heywood, ACRE Project Lead, Christian Aid…


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Ruth Kelly: How Young Entrepreneurs’ Dreams Can Help Change a Country’s Future

Image: Pial (on right hand side) with youth participants at design-a-thon in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Taken by Nicola Bailey/ActionAid

By Ruth Kelly,…


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Can co-creation ignite innovation in healthcare?

To improve access to, and the quality of, healthcare worldwide, multinational healthcare companies must be constantly searching for new and innovative ways to deliver their services. Innovation often comes from the most unexpected places,…


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Ellen Goodman: Empowering Local Communities to Fight Corruption with Integrity

By Ellen Goodman, Ashoka UK

When a faulty water pump was removed from …


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Brian Regele: The “Share Value” Paradigm - An Evolution in Corporate Citizenship

By Brian Regele, Senior Director, Global Marketing, Eli Lilly and Co.

Corporate citizenship is in the midst of a promising evolution. To…


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Johan Rockstrom: Five Ways for Smart Businesses to Invest in Sustainability

By Johan Rockstrom, Executive Director, Stockholm Resilience Centre 


The global economy is under pressure from the planet. This year, falling oil prices and…


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