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Trust is the Answer: Yunus and the Future of Everything

One thing I learned very early on during these past few years of meetings with Muhammad Yunus is that he TRUSTS people, and because of that, people trust him. He trusted poor women with no collateral and gave them microloans, and they proved to him that they could pay back. What is wonderful about this relationship, is that he knew they would pay back. He believed in them.

Who today believes in people? Where is Trust still a major component of banking? What has happened to the human… Continue

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How Good Is 'Doing Good'?

Volunteerism is at an all-time high. From Obama and Oprah to unemployment and shrinking dollars for philanthropy, the United States is witnessing historic interest in volunteerism. This phenomena has been referred to as the ‘push and pull’ effect. The… Continue

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*Pro* Challenger
U.S. Secretary of State on Public Private Partnerships

On April 22, 2009 the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, gave the keynote speech at the Global Philanthropy Forum where she told the assembled crowd that the State Department's doors are open to a new generation of public private partnerships.

The speech has people buzzing in Washington and around the world on partnerships at the Department of State. The Department is engaged in many differnt lines of work through our PPPs. We are building partnerships that promote… Continue

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Hi Simon. Long time no see.

iPM 200409

This was the greeting I got from Coca-Cola's Euan Wilmshust as I walked into the BBC's Millbank studio the day after his presentation at the excellent Business Fights Poverty event on 21/4/09. The comment was accompanied by Euan's trademark mischievous grin.

In his presentation the… Continue

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Doing Business in Conflict Zones (Theme 6 - Peace Through Commerce eConference)

Hi Everyone,

This week we look again at issues of Doing Business in Conflict Zones. Throughout the eConference, tourism has come up again and again as an industry with a particular interest in and history in promoting peace. Our moderator this week has been immersed in exactly this dimension of tourism for a long time. Timothy… Continue

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Fiona Gooch, Responsible Purchasing Initiative

The professional activity of purchasing causes the dominant effect UK companies have on the livelihoods of workers and farmers who contribute to the supply chains which serve western markets. To address the importance of purchasing decisions the Responsible Purchasing Initiative has been initiated in collaboration with Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, investors, companies, NGOs and other experts to provide purchasers with guidance. Materials on how to purchase responsibly from… Continue

Added by fiona gooch on April 27, 2009 at 8:00 — 1 Comment

Calculating real GDP

What is GDP? why does it impact on ordinary people in their lives?

Most people can manage day to day living without thinking about Macro economics their aim is to survive, and that isn't just the 3rd of the world that requires investment and support to grow the economies preferred by the existing economic structures like the IMF and World Bank.

In the UK today the government announced a drop in GDP, this will mean continuing job losses for some time to come, the true level… Continue

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Whining About Wages From Wall Street

It is difficult to be sympathetic to the cries from Wall Street regarding salary caps. What makes me more troubled is that any conversation on the topic appears not only reductivist, but also incomplete. How can a company that lost money pay out a bonus? In the businesses I work, mostly small business, it is the profits that are shared with bonuses. If there are no profits, where are these institutions getting the capital to pay a bonus? And, upon what basis are they making their decisions for… Continue

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World Malaria Day 2009: NetsforLife® Phase 2 to Distribute 7Million Mosquito Nets to Africa

NetsforLife® brings together corporations, foundations, faith-based organizations and private donors in a…


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Simon Berry: Coca-Cola Say 'Yes' to ColaLife Trials Before the End of the Year

Image credit: Alison Pearson. Thanks to the children of the N'gombe Compound in Lusaka,…


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Social Economic's versus Political intrigue

What is good for the masses isn't always good for the politicians that has to be an accepted truism today and the role of government is less influential at home than it is in the wider global community.

I heard a great sketch the other evening on radio 4 whilst travelling in the car, it basically followed a phone on debt and the young woman rang in to say that she had a small overdraught and the bank wanted to call it in so she borrowed, from a bank to cover that overdraught but the… Continue

Added by Mark Trotter on April 22, 2009 at 12:25 — 4 Comments

Economist Briefing Paper on Corporate Citizenship; GreenWeek Resources

Herewith, a couple of resources that I came across during the course of the day:

1. GreenWeek Summit, 20-24 April 09), described on the website as follows: "Leaders from all sectors of the business world will converge this week to discuss the best ways to capitalize on the movement toward green and sustainable business practices. Find out how going green can increase profitability and make your business operations more efficient while hearing about the latest and greatest trends from… Continue

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Trust: Why Business Lost It, And How To Win It Back

What happened? Wall Street, in collusion with institutions around the world, have not only lost our wealth and our jobs, they have stolen our trust. Now we are “left to rely increasingly on governments for the creation of our wealth, something that they have always been conspicuously bad at doing.....Trust is fragile. Like a piece of china, once cracked it is never quite the same. And people's trust in business, and those who… Continue

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Aspen Environmental Forum Opening Keynote -- Lisa Jackson

Here's a link to a video which I thought might be of general interest:

-- http://fora.tv/2009/03/25/Aspen_Environmental_Forum_Opening_Keynote_Lisa_Jackson_#chapter_01


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From eBay to Social Entrepreneurship

When Jeff Skoll became the first full-time employee and president of eBay, he had two failed businesses behind him. But he wrote a business plan that led this start-up company to legendary success. It was so successful, in fact, that when he cashed out a portion of the company, he joined the ranks of the world's billionaires.

He could be spending the rest of his life on golf courses, private jets and luxury yachts. Instead, he has founded Participant Media, a company that has funded… Continue

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It is always obvious to see people having the great hard time fighting poverty in the wrong direction. my instance of justification is always based on the fact that great entrepreneur worth great recognition and in their field of work they intend maintain their dignity.

I suggest that great gurus should be given the priority to explore the sectors to find out the best and the most appropriate way to combat against poverty.

Moreover, I think people inured during the G-20… Continue

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PUBLISHER'S LETTER - The Africa Bazaar magazine - Creating a Change through News Media

I was speaking recently with a friend about the new changes and political events that are happening in Africa. We discussed the usual stuff reported in the news by the general news media - the political instabilities in some of the continent's regions like Zimbabwe, Congo, Sudan, social issues, poverty, HIV/AIDS, malaria - and then the discussion changed to the progress made in the past 10 years by some of the continent’s countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Namibia, Ghana, Liberia, just to… Continue

Added by Kemi Osukoya on April 18, 2009 at 11:42 — 1 Comment

Habitat for Humanity International invitation - “The Moladi Approach to Affordable Housing Delivery”

We are very proud and honoured to accept the following invitation received from Habitat for Humanity International to speak about the moladi approach to affordable housing delivery.

“Habitat for Humanity International is organizing the 2nd Asia Pacific Housing Forum to be held at the Asian Institute of Management Conference Centre, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines on September 7-9, 2009. The first APHF was held in Singapore in 2007 and was… Continue

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Creating Change

The buzz word "social change" is real and many businesses and people are rethinking the way they do business along with implementing the triple bottom line.

How can this change be implemented in corporations other than recycling pograms and LEED certification? It is something I have been thinking about, as real change takes time. Although recycling helps the environment there is more than can be done which could help people, particulary those living in poverty.

Added by Sarah Shepard on April 15, 2009 at 15:00 — 5 Comments

Banking Crisis – Logical Seeming Solutions that Must Be Too Logical. Multi-part entry, 3 of 3.

This entry continues the multi-part blog on alternative approaches to the financial crisis and, in particular, the media coverage of it. You are invited to the past posts to see other ideas. As always, ideas, thoughts, comments, criticisms, and colloquialisms are welcome to be invited to info@socialenterprise.net.

INVOLVING THOSE WITH THE ASSETS: The next item to consider about the bizarre nature financial crisis is the impersonality of… Continue

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