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An economic argument for compassion

A widening chasm between business and education

In the summer of 2015, the multinational professional services firm, …


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Ideas to Help the World and Market Your Brand

Marketing your brand means everything if you want your company to be successful. You need to use marketing to get the word out about whatever services or product you are providing. Most of the time, if you or your company is just starting out, you will not have the funds needed…


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Spy cameras, secret networks and the future of human rights activism

“I would like to start with the story of Mary, a woman from an African village. Her first memories are of her family fleeing violent riots, orchestrated by the ruling political party. Her brother was murdered by the state-sponsored militia, and she was raped more than once just because she belonged to the wrong party.

One morning, a month before the election, Mary's village was called to…


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Fiona Koch: Ever Heard of Co-creation? It’s About to Shake Up the Health Sector

By Fiona Koch, Europe Network Manager at Ashoka Changemakers

Imagine that you are the founder of a healthcare start-up. You have…


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Artisanal miners use standards to improve diamond mining

"It’s not possible”.  “Artisanal miners are not interested”.  “It’s been tried before”.  “Good luck”. 

These are the words that have motivated the team at the Diamond Development Initiative to do what was once thought impossible:  to inspire artisanal and small scale diamond miners, through a formal process, to raise the standards of their diamond mining. 

Once associated with blood diamonds, miners in Sierra Leone have been subject to some of the worst working conditions in…


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Making Your Marketing Techniques More Lucrative and Helpful to Society

There are some simple changes that most business owners can make to their current ad campaign in order to see a return on every penny they invest. Here is a look at five tips you can start using today to improve your ROI and expand your online presence, and take steps to make the world a better place…


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Laurie Lee: Banking on Change Partnership Helps the World’s Poorest Save $34m Through Community Savings Groups

By Laurie Lee, CEO, CARE International UK…


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Kanayo F Nwanze: How Small Farmers and the Private Sector Can End Poverty and Hunger

By Kanayo F Nwanze, President, IFAD…


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Anna Swaithes: Transcending the Watershed - Putting Water at the Top of the Agenda

By Anna Swaithes, Director of Sustainable Development, SABMiller


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Lola Dare: Transcending the Boundaries of Business School - What Civil Society and the Private Sector can Learn from One Another

By Lola Dare, President, CHESTRAD International…


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Bhaskar Chakravorti: Transcending Boundaries through Contextual Intelligence - Why Business Schools Need to Catch Up with Reality

By Bhaskar Chakravorti, Senior Associate Dean, The Fletcher School, Tufts University…


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Elin Haf Davies: Crossing Oceans for Child Health by Transcending Personal Boundaries

By Elin Haf Davies, Adventurer, Child Health Advocate and Author…


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Kishore Mahbuabani: Why Should Businessmen Support Public Policy Education

By Kishore Mahbubani, Dean, LKY School of Public Policy…


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4 Ways Your Employees’ Cell Phones Help Them Volunteer

Dollarphotoclub_100043922.jpg Pssst...did you know your employees are talking about you online? According to a…


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4 Things Every Employee Needs to Be Happy

Dollarphotoclub_86331572.jpg Seventy percent. That’s the number of employees in this country who couldn’t care less about their jobs. Your disengaged staff…


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Nancy Martin: Transcending the Boundaries of Humanitarian Aid

By Nancy Martin, Founder and CEO of Fortify 


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Philippe Joubert: Business as Usual is Dead - How Businesses are Transcending Boundaries to Fight Climate Change

By Philippe Joubert, Senior Advisor, WBCSD and Chair, Corporate Leaders Group


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Justine Greening: DFID Survey on Women’s Economic Empowerment

By Justine Greening, Secretary of State, International Development

Around the world, too many women are still locked out of the…


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Are You Defining CSR Success All Wrong?



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4 Ways Business Owners Can be More Charitable

Your usual goal when running a business is to drive sales, earn a profit and keep you customers or clients coming back for more. And if you own a corporation, you must also satisfy your shareholders' earnings per share expectations. You must also remember to take care of the…


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