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Volunteering and Service in America: Four National Themes


Realized Worth was unable to make it to the 2009 National Conference on Volunteering and Service…


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CIPE Guide to Governance Reform: Strategic Planning for Emerging Markets

Development experts now realize that democracy and sustainable economic growth depend on good governance. Accountability, transparency, and citizen input in decision-making create the foundation for stable, prosperous societies. Good governance is the means by which citizens of developing countries devise local solutions to local problems.

The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) is pleased to share The… Continue

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Private Sector and Civil Society Participation in Development

There has been a lot of talk about Private Sector being the engine of growth and the need that Private Sector should be seen contributing to the environment within which they operate. The idea is not far from the reality, indeed over the years a lot more Private Sectors have have contributed immesly to the socio, economic development of our society, it has now been coiled into what is known as social responsibilities of Private Sector or businesses.

However, third world countries have not… Continue

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VC4Africa.com Mobilizes Investors Interested in Africa


VC4Africa.com and…


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Socially Strategic Enterprise: Doing Well While Doing Good

Did you ever see the Academy Award-winning movie “A Beautiful Mind?” It was based on real-life Nobel Laureate, John Nash — a mathematician and economist who proved that collaboration rather than competition creates the greatest benefit for each individual AND for all. He proved greatest abundance is possible when we include everyone in our thinking.

Now, more than ever, this is extremely important to understand. The recent confluence of crises (e.g. environmental, financial,… Continue

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Microfinance goes to Washington

I wanted to give a shout out to a peer in the microfinance industry.

There was good news out of the White House last week. President Obama intends to nominate Maria Otero, President and CEO of ACCION International as the new Under Secretary of Global Affairs at the State Department. Otero will be a sharp, articulate, and inspiring leader. In selecting Otero, Obama brings one of the world's leading voices on microfinance into his… Continue

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‘Glocal’ – what does it mean to you?

I attended an event the other day and a speaker said something which I barely caught at the time, but which has stayed with me since. He mentioned that his organization was increasingly valuing the word ‘glocal’, which is a combination of global and local. At the time, I believe my thinking was close to ‘come on, give me a break.’

However, the more I turn it over in my mind, the more it grows on me.

It incorporates the reality of our global village, where globalization is… Continue

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How Do You Serve?

Shannon Schuyler, US managing director of Corporate Responsibility, for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC), will be guest blogging over the next week from San Francisco at the National Conference for Service and Volunteering.

How do you…


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Entrepreneurship - Key to Fight Poverty Through Business

As the unemployment rates are rising across the world economies, its time to give a serious look on how entrepreneurship can effectively reduce poverty through self employment.

For an individual, it may not always be possible to acquire the requisite monetary resources and technical expertise

to start up a new venture. Hence a good idea can be that entrepreneurs can form a group as in a partnership and pool

up the necessaries for a successful venture.

Ultimately… Continue

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Rural India - the new Powerhouse driving Corporate sector

The urban market is mostly saturated, companies are now targeting the rural customer. “Also, companies need to spend more money per unit of their products / services to attract an urban customer

The rural way is the way to grow, especially since many rural pockets of India have considerable spending power and nearly zero penetration of most consumer goods. Furthermore, a relatively resilient rural demand — fuelled by farm loan waivers, employment guarantee schemes and hike in support… Continue

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Private Sector Participation in Aid for Trade: Breaking Barriers to Private Sector Growth

It is well recognised that developing countries need to unleash the potential of the private sector by promoting entrepreneurship, creating a sound enabling environment for doing business and helping entrepreneurs connect to new global markets.

However a number of shortcomings in the Aid for Trade agenda inhibit the role of the private sector. These include:

1.A failure to prioritise trade support activities and to mobilize the resources needed for them. Minimal resources… Continue

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‘Harnessing the power on business for development Impact’

‘Harnessing the power on business for development Impact’, will explore progress being made to create the incentives and effective institutional frameworks that make it easier to do business and invest in developing countries, and encourage transparency, good governance and innovation.

Initiatives such as the Investment Climate Facility, and challenge funds helping governments and business to advance business and development goals.

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Mark III of the ColaLife AidPod launched!

This short video describes the features of our third version of the ColaLife AidPod.

The key features are:

  1. It has the same cross-section as the Mark II aidpod
  2. It is a two-part design: the lid and the container sections (…

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Africa's business competetive disadvantages don't have to adversely affect corporate social accountability

In a landmark case settled this week, the family of the “Ogoni 9” executed in 1995 received a US$ 15.5 million payout from Royal Dutch Shell company. The case goes back to the 1990’s in Nigeria where it was alleged that Shell had a long history of closely working with the Nigerian government to quell popular opposition to its business operations in the Niger Delta region; home of the Ogoni people.

Even though Nigeria is an oil-rich nation, environmental and human rights activists… Continue

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Buy a WiHood USB bracelet and sponsor a child with WiHood for free, for life!

Each time you buy a WiHood USB bracelet, you sponsor a child with WiHood for free, for life!

This child will grow up with "YOU" to thank for their life full of educational opportunities and benefits.

WiHood sponsors thousands of children in Africa (Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, etc.) and the US (I want to help more children… Continue

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Business acts to fight poverty

Most members of Business Fights Poverty will be familiar with the Business Call to Action (BCtA), a great initiative that aims to get business involved in the development agenda by thinking how, through their core business activities, they can have a positive impact on the lives of people in developing countries. I work in the Business Alliances Team in DFID and we have been working hard alongside the UN Development Programme to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of the initiative to celebrate… Continue

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*Pro* Challenger
Men’s Health Magazine - Best Man Awards 2009 - moladi winner of Science and Technology Catogory


Leading the Pack

Best Man was first established by Men’s Health in 2003 with the objective of recognising South African men who are making a difference in society today. These men are leaders in their fields; they inspire us in our daily lives and create unique opportunities for all South Africans to reach their goals and develop themselves.

Finalists were selected after a public call for nominations and… Continue

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Six Essential Strengths Of An Employee Volunteer Program: An Interview With Shannon Schuyler of PricewaterhouseCoopers.


Looking for some insight on how to create an outstanding Employee Volunteer Program? Shannon Schuyler of PricewaterhouseCoopers offers six…


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A BOP (Base of Pyramid) GROUP?

Development and supply of affordable essential goods to the poorest communities (BOP (Base of Pyramid)) is a massive potential opportunity and could engage both industry and the third sector in supply and delivery of suitable goods - on at least a break even commercial basis.

Let me know if you could be interested in a new Interest Group - which might lead to some form of workshop or conference for collaboration on this important… Continue

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Africa Progress Panel publishes 2009 annual report

Cape Town – 10 June 2009: Africa Progress Panel members Kofi Annan, Graça Machel and Linah Mohohlo have today launched the panel's 2009 report at the World Economic Forum, Cape Town. The report states that the global economic crisis imported from the North is hitting Africa harder than any other region. Nevertheless it presents “a unique opportunity” for Africa to pioneer a low-carbon development model.

Further information, including a full copy of the report can be found at:… Continue

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