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Latest World Development Report underlines the need to act now on climate change

As efforts intensify to secure a climate deal in Copenhagen in December, the launch of the…


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New Partnership Calls for Copenhagen Climate Agreement to Tackle Growing Transportation Emissions.

New Partnership Calls for Copenhagen Climate Agreement to Tackle Growing Transportation Emissions.

NOTE: Clouston Energy Research, LLC working with the Sustainable Energy Center of Excellence (...SECE) has established a forum at 2degrees in Oxford UK. The SECE documents has been directed by the World Banks Global Environmental Facility to their Focal Points in several countries. The United Nations UNDESA and UN… Continue

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Are your values on the wall lived in the hall?

Be remarkable


Founder Differencemakers Community

Writer and International Business Speaker on how doing good is great for… Continue

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What’s the balance between attending conferences and doing actual work?

Fall seems to be a particularly heavy conference season, at least for the community development, financial services set. OFN, CFED, SEEP, Net Impact, Slow Money, etc. I could probably spend all of my waking time at conferences. But, what’s the balance between doing one’s work and learning/sharing with others in the field? Certainly, you can’t just work in isolation. People need to learn from others, gain new perspectives of what is happening in the field, see old friends, prospect new clients,… Continue

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Fundraising? A Good Cause Is No Longer Enough

Please Don't Ask Me to Give to Your Cause, Unless….

The following is an open letter from Kristen Parrinello. She is writing to her friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who may ask…

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Africa - Exploring the Final Frontier

This post is an exerpt from my post on Beyond Profit, where I am a guest blogger.

About four years ago I fell in love with Africa, specifically South Africa, after volunteering in a township called Umgababa, outside of Durban. I traveled there with Habitat For Humanity’s Global Village Program to build homes for families living in poverty. I can still remember the warmth with which we were received and the pride of the… Continue

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Call for Papers - Corporate Innovation and Sustainable Community Development

The Seventh Annual ICCSR Symposium is intended to discuss corporate innovation as it relates to poverty alleviation in local communities in developing countries.

We are interested in conceptual, theoretical or empirical papers that present new research insights, ideas on business models, strategies and stakeholder engagement processes that a) respond to factors contributing to poverty; and b) advance sustainable community development in developing countries.

We are… Continue

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3 Reasons Why You’re Finding It Hard to Find And Keep Volunteers - And What To Do About It


The following blog entry is a cross-post from my blog Realizing Your Worth.…


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Peace, its Causes and Economic Value

Post submitted by Steve Killelea, Founder, Global Peace Index, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. Steve was recently the key note speaker at the Peace Through Commerce conference. To watch highlights of his speech, click here.

Humanity is currently facing some of… Continue

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A Detox Plan for the Aid Industry

This article will be published soon

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An Online Competition for Improved Nutrition

Washington, D.C, 16 September 2009 - Ashoka’s Changemakers and The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) are seeking the most innovative entrepreneurial ideas for improving global nutrition for their online competition, Improved Nutrition: Solutions through Innovation,

"GAIN is proud to partner with Ashoka’s Changemakers as both organizations are committed to business-like innovation with… Continue

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Distance Education Cooperatoin with the British Commonwealth (focus on Nigeria and Western Africa)

Dear Mr. Wilson:

Thank you for the opportunity to communicate a matter that I consider to be important. I do understand that

the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) is populated by current and former colonies and as an American do

think that we have been overlooked. We are a former colony and are proud of that fact. That can be taken

both ways and should I think. I have roots in Scotland and have a sense of history and pride in the United Kingdom, I participated in a forum… Continue

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Sept. 18th "Increasing Market Share through Social Branding" Event

Special half-day event sponsored by the Ahlers Center for International Business at the University of San Diego

• In this time of increasing competitiveness can social branding be successful in differentiating a company?

• How can social branding be successful in developing a deeper connection to

stakeholders (investors, customers, employees, local community, etc.)?

• Can a brand have social as well as economic value?

• Can social branding really increase the… Continue

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FEF - Financial Education Fund

The FEF, launched its round 2 funding window at the Making Finance Work for Africa conference in Accra last week. The FEF was afforded a plenary session to open round 2; over 280 participants were present.

Corin Mitchell is the Africa Director of the FEF, based in Johannesburg South Africa.

Added by Corin Mitchell on September 14, 2009 at 9:36 — 3 Comments

ColaLife Limited - ColaLife incorporates

ColaLife Ltd Certificate of Incorporation

It's official. Yesterday ColaLife's Certificate of Incorporation arrived from Bells, Wells & Braithwaite. ColaLife Limited is a company limited by guarantee (non-profit). Our Memorandum and Articles of Association are here. Many thanks to… Continue

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Corporate Social Responsibility and the World Cup in South Africa?

I would be very curious to get this community's perspective on the role of corporate social responsibility, particularly by corporate sponsors, and the upcoming World Cup in South Africa.

It's the first time the world's most viewed event is being hosted in Africa and I believe that governments and businesses have a greater responsibility to ensure that the games leave a lasting social and economic legacy for South Africa and the region.

I also personally think it would be… Continue

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Want Good Volunteers? Dump The Altruistic, Find The Self-Interested (Part 2 of 2)

The following blog entry is a cross-post from my blog Realizing Your Worth.

Selflessness and altruism make for bad volunteers. Without self-interest, volunteers easily opt out of commitments and objectify those they are trying to help.…


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email: Kindly Contact Me If Successful For Other Employment Contracts

Public Announcement

Commonwealth action for human settlements


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African NGOs leveraging technology

Africare, the largest and oldest U.S. development organization focused solely on Africa, is launching an iPhone application which will share positive stories of individuals and families in Africa in a format that can readily be shared with others. This is part of the organizations new Pass it On! marketing campaign.

The iPhone application's features include a… Continue

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