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Gearing Up for Growth - Reducing Poverty Part One

In 2008 The African continent was seeing its strongest economic growth since the 1970s. 15 African countries entered a second decade in which they posted strong annual economic growth rate of above 5%. Despite strong economic performance, Sub-Saharan Africa remains the only region not on track for achieving the Millennium Development Goals by 2015. In 2009 recession has hit Sub-Saharan Africa, export demand is collapsing and commodity prices- in particular those of oil and base metals-under… Continue

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GAIN's Public-Private Partnerships

TSR, the Swiss Pulic TV reports on GAIN and its public-private partnerships. Watch the video. http://www.tsr.ch/tsr/index.html?siteSect=500000&bcid=710265#vid=11398737

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Susu MicroCredit Fund

The MicroCredit Ventures is looking for social investors that are interested in creating the 1st Social Investment fund for Microfinance Institutions. See www.Mcventures.org.

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Is this the time for entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship?

Given the economic crisis in America, with unemployment crossing 10%, it is important to consider how jobs can be created for the 1 in 10 people out of work. Is entrepreneurship in the for-profit and non-profit realms the answer – where people start their own entities or seek new solutions?

This is the worst situation for Americans since the Great Depression, 75 years ago. Much ballyhoo has been made to conjure up the 1970s for this, although oil prices remain low for now and the… Continue

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Where To Find "Sustainable" Employment?

The following blog entry is a cross-post from my blog Realizing Your Worth.

GUEST BLOG POST: Mark Swartz is a the…


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David S. Grayson: A Guide to Useful CR/Sustainability ‘How to Embed CR’ Guides

By Davis S. Grayson…


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Helping Micro Credit to do its job among the rural women in Bukedea

Helping Micro credit do its job among the rural women In Bukedea

Providing financial services is one of the key elements that can help the rural farmers of which the handful of them are women out their ideas into practice.

However many organizations find it difficult to operate in distant villages and provide these services to small scale farmers , which no high literacy skills to keep records and do more that the micro credit intuitions always require .

Apoolo Na… Continue

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Abiola Barnor and Nadine Exter: Corporate Responsibility and the Recession: Learning from Responsible Businesses

The idea for this paper emerged after we received several phone calls from journalists asking what we thought the recession…


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The one month notice is short but an Eight Day RFP?

Dear UNDP:

An eight day RFP is quite short don't yout think? So this note is one of protest. I have a business plan for the

Sustainable Energy Center of Excellence that will have training to include Vocational training beyond the Basic

Education for All segment of the Millennium Development Goal that is a standing request. Our team has been

directed by the GEF that is a funder of the UNDP to go to the Focal Points in country. That we are in the process

now doing.… Continue

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UNDP Request for Proposals (RFP) on Training on Partnership Facilitation and Development for Inclusive Market Development

Deadline: 27-Oct-2009

Growing Sustainable Business (GSB) is a programmatic framework for the field-level implementation of the private sector activities of UNDP. This initiative has been in operations for last six years and has accumulated a lot of experiences in developing and forging partnerships. With GSB’s growing popularity, the time has come to synthesize the internal and external experiences and the best practices on the subject matter. Therefore, this assignment is about… Continue

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BFP Team
The Mo Ibrahim non-prize for good leadership in Africa: is this really the best way to encourage good governance in Africa?

I attended a packed press conference this morning to hear that the Prize Committee of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation has decided this year not to award its annual prize for good leadership for retired African Heads of State (see the BBC report).

I have to say that I was surprised and disappointed by the decision - not only because of the damage… Continue

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Issa Ouedraogo: Companies need to be aware of climate change impacts on their particular businesses

By Issa Ouedraogo, Managing Director, B-Bovid Limited Organic Biodiversity Farming


Companies need to be aware of the…


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Opinion: Climate change and the complex complications of the Copenhagen COP


By Dan Smith, Secretary General,…


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As part of our helping hand programme, we have recently adopted a shea co-op in Gumu - Ghana. This co-op is currently made up of 40 women.

We are supporting this co-op through our fundraising campaign.

You can follow our progress via our facebook fan page

Thank you…


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*Pro* Challenger
Blog Action Day - my small contribution yesterday

Parrots, and in particular ring-necked parakeets, are now a common bird where I live in South-East England. So common, in fact, that even while I was thinking about painting some for the Blog Action Day I heard, and then saw, one on Bookham Commons. Though parrots have been seen in the UK for over 150 years (as a result of pets being set free – by Jimi Hendrix among others it is said), their populatiom has exploded in recent years because of a… Continue

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Causes of Climate Change

Hello Dears,
In my opinion, the major causes of Climate Change are the rapid and unorganized Industrialization, population growth, availability of large quantity of new products in the market containing hazardous chemicals, unproper disposable methods of industrial and chemical wastes, bad governance of governments and their respective departments, lack of general awareness among the people, improper utilization of funds and inconsistence governmental policies etc. Thanks.

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climate change

climate change is a natural phenomenum so Global warming can be address if all nation join together to combat global warming especially those big generators country

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BFP Team
Fighting climate change and poverty: business must be the driver of innovation

Today, Blog Action Day (www.blogactionday.org), is focused on the climate change crisis. This is a crisis that is integrally connected with the focus of…


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Blog Action Day 09- Climate change and poverty

Today is 15 October 2009 and Blog Action Day 09 is here! Blog Action day see bloggers around the world write blogs on an issue that affects humanity and this year the them is CLIMATE CHANGE

I thought I would add a twist to it by looking at climate change and poverty as I strongly believe that these two go hand in hand in the parts of the world where my work is based.

On the whole the people I work with in East Africa are in rural… Continue

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Understanding the real estate debacle – Learning more

Many of us are now numb to the real estate news. However, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t remain important or valuable both to learn about, understand and follow.

There is so much ‘noise’ on this issue. I remain astounded when I read/hear things in viable public forums that say that these troubles are due to the U.S. banking Community Re-investment Act (CRA) and ACORN.

• How can someone even say/write that?

• How can anyone really believe that?

Shouldn’t such people be… Continue

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