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My top 10 predictions for 2010

1) Politicians will be less seen as world leaders due to their monumental failure to lead in Copenhagen. World Leaders will be the social entrepreneurs and business people who actually do things that make a difference. I call these folk insightpreneurs™ and differencemakers™. Insightpreneurs™ are experts at turning information into insight into inspiration into ideas into innovation, fast. Differencemakers™ are folk who innovate for the good of people and our planet.

2) Social media… Continue

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Grappling with Business as Mission!

An update from the iBAM 2009 training course

What is God trying to tell us in His word about the purpose of business?

Landa* had us against the ropes and there was no escaping with pat answers. She was teaching and we were wrestling! What is God’s response to poverty? What exactly is sinful about corruption? Where are the integrity issues? How do we build economies, as well as building businesses? How do we disciple nations,… Continue

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The 40% Problem: Why Retailers and Brands are Struggling with Social Compliance in China

Many of the most transparent retailers and brands report that 40-50% of their factories are either in remediation or considered medium risks. Moreover, this has not changed much over the past three years. Why has this proven to be such a challenge?

The principal goal is to protect the brand from disclosure that its suppliers and factories may not be trading ethically. Protecting the brand is an immediate problem. Human rights in developing countries is an aspirational goal.… Continue

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*Pro* Challenger
Bottom of the Pyramid Shelter - Technology to create employment and provide homes

Talk about an exciting time to be involved with the BoP. Since the world’s wealthiest philanthropist Bill Gates gave his speech about "creative capitalism" in Davos last Thursday, the development world has been abuzz with its interpretations and implications. But Switzerland is not the only place where headway is being made.

In 2000 a conference was organized in Seattle on Creating Digital Dividends at which Mr. Gates, in a keynote address, famously said that "poor people don't need… Continue

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Copenhagen climate change conference a monumental mess-up however there is hope

A statement of intent was all the politicians could come up with after 2 years of talk and a failure to collaborate and agree on a legally binding agreement over the past two weeks in Copenhagen.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development President Bjorn Stigson issued a stark warning to ministers on 17th December in Copenhagen: "You will not solve climate change without business at the table as an engaged, involved partner - Governments cannot deliver on the targets which… Continue

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Doing Business but Suffering in Silence

According to the World Health Organisation, gender-based violence is a major public health and human rights problem throughout the world. Though the assault is carried on in the privacy of the home, the violation is widely seen as a "private" family affair, and for some - a normal part of life.

In Kenya, an estimated 49% of married women were physically abused by their husbands (Borwankar et. al, 2008). Though violence against women mainly occurs… Continue

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Post Copenhagen action regardless of the results of the conference

I don't need any scientific evidence for climate change and the human contribution to it.

I have seen it with my own eyes.

I think the wrong people by enlarged have been at the Copenhagen conference. I think we need to take away the perceived right of politicians and bureaucrats to be making the kind of negotiations that are being attempted at the Copenhagen conference on climate change this week. Why? - because self interest tends to rule among these folk rather than… Continue

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The Business Proposition of Africa's Population Boom: Problem or Potential?

Originally published at

Shashank Bengali of McClatchey Newspapers wrote “Africa is gripped by one of the greatest population explosions ever recorded” in a recent article entitled, “Africa’s Perilous Baby Boom.” In fact, while it is widely reported that India’s population (1.6 billion projected) will surpass China’s population (1.4 billion projected) by 2050, Africa will beat both with a population close to two billion according… Continue

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*Pro* Challenger
Award-winning house building system

AN EASTERN Cape company has won a top African award for its super-fast house-building system and has just signed a deal with India. But its chief executive says despite exports to several developing countries, the provincial government has yet to recognise the value of this innovative system.

Moladi chief executive Hennie Botes said the company – based at Ruan Access Park in Greenbushes, Port Elizabeth – built six trial houses in Uitenhage…


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Corporate Volunteering: Top 7 Requests & the Bad, Better and Best Responses (2 of 7)


The following blog entry is a cross-post from my blog Realizing Your Worth.…


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Green is good regardless of what they do or don't do in Copenhagen

What to know more about green business, green urban development, green lifestyle, art, and architecture, food and sustainability, wildlife, ecosysystems, and conservation, climate change, and/or sustainable energy? then check out the 100 lectures available here at online college.

Be remarkable


Founder Differencemakers… Continue

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Two Mission-Driven Food Businesses Collaborate To Beat The Recession

Two award-winning socially responsible enterprises, Dancing Deer, the women-led natural baking company and Equal Exchange, the worker-owned Fair Trade pioneer have joined forces to solve your gifting andholiday party needs--all while supporting some great causes. The "Taste of New England Gift Baskets" feature the award-winning Molasses Clove Cookies and other tasty treats from Dancing Deer complemented by some of Equal Exchange's most popular organic, Fair Trade coffee, tea and chocolates. The… Continue

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Twitter & Employees: Here's How To Do It Right

The following blog entry is a cross-post from my blog Realizing Your Worth.

Michael Stelzner, of interviews John Bernier, the Social Media Manager at… Continue

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Business Linkages: Enabling Access to Markets at the Base of the Pyramid


Dec 09 - This is a summary of the key findings from the fourth event in the Business Linkages Series, a joint initiative between IBLF, IFC and the CSR Initiative at Harvard’s Kennedy School.…


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The Business of Jobs: Developing Enterprise and Employability Through Collaboration


Dec 09 - IBLF’s working paper draws from 22 case studies across the world that highlight the opportunity for business to take a lead role in creating jobs and increasing the wealth of…


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Microinsurance: The New Microcredit

A core value in my consulting work with corporations is that CSR will only be effective and sustainable if it is aligned with the company’s business mission. So it’s exciting to see an innovative iteration of that principle where a company develops a new investment vehicle that could potentially drive entrepreneurship and facilitate wealth accumulation in developing countries.

“If we stop thinking of the poor as victims or as a burden and start recognizing them as resilient and… Continue

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60 Minutes Exposes Devastation of Mining in Congo

Here is the link to the 60 Minutes segment (on CBS) about the fact that gold from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is funding one of the most horrifying wars in history.


“When there are spikes in violence, it has something to do with contestation over the mineral resources…gold and the rest of them.”

You can have beautiful gold jewelry without supporting violence. Contact C5 company to learn more.

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The ever-growing business case for CSR/sustainability

In a report for IBM Global Business Services, George Pohle and Jeff Hittner make some excellent points from a survey of 250 global leaders that clearly advocate the business case for CSR/Sustainability including:

“A growing body of evidence asserts that corporations can do well by doing good. Well-known companies have already proven that they can differentiate their brands and reputations as well as their products and services if they take responsibility for the well-being of the… Continue

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A Twestival on Education

Some of you may have heard of Twestival, a gathering of social media people to collect funds for charity. It is an initiative from the worldwide Twitter community with a commitment of Social Media for Social Change (SM4SC). These events explore the exciting possibilities for change and raise money for charity. Global Twestival was organized for the first time on February 12, and collected 250K US$ to drill wells in Africa & Asia and provide many villages with fresh, clean DRINKING WATER for… Continue

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Is Wild Silk Africa's best kept secret?

When I tell people that Ethnic Supplies stocks fashion accessories made from wild silk one of the questions I get asked without fail is that

Is there enough for commercial purposes?

And the answer yes there is, in Madagascar. The best part is that there is a whole conservation project underway to protect Madagascar’s natural heritage.

Tapia, or Uapaca Bojeri, is the staple food of the wild Malagasy… Continue

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