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Partnering for poverty relief and profit

Photo: Buying farmed tilapia in a fish market, Egypt. Photo by Samuel Stacey, 2012


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Simon Brown: Corporate Volunteering in China – A Massive Opportunity

Photo credit: Arup


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Trust is the big key to your success in 2013. How trustworthy are you?

Below is my final sparkenation for 2012.

For your reflection all my weekly sparkenations for 2012 are here.

Politicians everywhere are demonstrating daily, sadly, that they can't be trusted.  The erosion of trust has us gridlocked everywhere.

As a business owner/leader what will you do about this? How many of your actions erode trust with your employees, your customers, all your…


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Meet Germán Zubía: Co-founder and CEO, LAB Open Innovation


BFP: What do you do?

GZ: I am a co-founder and CEO of LAB Open Innovation.…


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Paul Polak: Achieving Success at the BoP


By Paul Polak, Founder, IDE


Question: If you build a better mousetrap…


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Lights, Camera, Impact: When Employees Run the Corporate Philanthropy Show

Pop quiz: if your employees ask you how you’re going to support their community outreach efforts, is the right answer “we don’t”? 

That would be an emphatic no. 

Which is why Warner Bros. recognizes that if it is going to continue to attract top talent and engaged employees, it must be the company of yes.  

Indeed, when you’re one of the biggest entertainment…


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3 Tips on How to Write a Blog on Business Fights Poverty

Thank you for your interest in writing a blog on Business Fights Poverty! Below is some guidance to help you develop your story.


1. Audience


Business Fights Poverty is the world’s largest community of professionals harnessing business for social…


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How gender sensitive parliaments aid empowerment

“Today’s woman of Afghanistan is not yesterday’s. She is knowledgeable, educated and independent, and she is in the minority”

After the member of parliament (MP) from Afghanistan uttered these words at the recent conference on gender and politics at the UK Houses of Parliament, she went on to articulate that even though she holds public office, she is not as empowered as her male colleagues, nor does she have the same influence as they do in Afghanistan’s legislative process. She…


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BBC Three journalist, Stacey Dooley: My trip to meet entrepreneurs in Bosnia-Herzegovina

photo: BBC3's Stacey with Mediha in her tailor shop in Sarajevo© CARE/Jon Spaull…


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Dr Allan Pamba: Doing good business for better health


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Dr Ajaz Ahmed Khan: What Role for Islamic Microfinance?


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Meet Nicole Voillat: Sustainability Director, Bata Brands SA



BFP: What do you do? …


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We get what we gift

Regardless of your beliefs about Christmas I think it is a great time of the year to think about two key aspects of performance leadership, namely celebration and charisma, and then take action.

In my Enhancing Their Gifts System celebrating is a key component.  People using the system celebrate every time they achieve a milestone or goal in their performance possibility plan and continually have appreciation…


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2012 Highlights of fighting poverty

My Business Fights Poverty year, kicked off in Masindi, NW Uganda at the Villages In Action event that is sponsored by Business Fights Poverty. In this photo, I am seated with the local women's group made up of business women…


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*Pro* Challenger
My top picks of 2012


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