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Business - Poverty and Social economic modelling

Having been a social economist for over twenty years you begin to distrust so many aspects of global economic policy. Watching short term plans applied to global issues and the inevitable approach to boom, rapid growth and fast shrinking economies just underscores the damage politicians do to their countries.

The current international global banking crisis is both a political and economic disaster, it will increase the gap in rich and poor, the poorest of the UK or US homeowners are… Continue

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The Key to Great Corporate Volunteering

Every once in awhile you come across fantastic examples of great Corporate Volunteering programs. They’re great because they manage to achieve strategic alignment between the company’s CSR approach and the company’s brand. They’re great because they can boast high levels of participation from enthusiastic employees, as well as a real sense of camaraderie across all levels of the company. And most importantly, they’re great because they have figured out how to retain - even increase - employee… Continue

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When all else fails PANIC!!!

What a turbulent week in world economics, but do you know a something really silly I keep reading and listing to the information we recieve but can't help thinking that there is something they are not telling us.

Economic meltdown? It is possible but it implies that somewhere someone has done something to create a bigger hole than Sub-prime Debt. Iceland is on it's knees, as iare so many African nations, oil rich countries consolidate their position and people go on losing in the… Continue

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Freedom of Fascism-by Aaron Russo

I really encourage people to get educated about what is to come.

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Global Competitiveness Report shows encouraging progress for Africa

The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report

October adds to the picture of an improving climate for business in Africa. In sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa (45), Botswana (56) and Mauritius (57) feature in the top half of the rankings, with several countries from the region measurably improving their… Continue

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Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty - 15 October

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty from Blog Action Day on Vimeo.

Blog Action Day - 15 October 2008 - is an annual nonprofit event that aims to unite the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters, to post about the same issue on the… Continue

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Businesses Struggle to Deliver What Gen Y Wants

I recently came across the following article concerning the hiring of Millennials, or Generation Y. It is one of an increasing number of write-ups underscoring the recruiting imperative facing businesses hoping to attract the best and brightest Millennials to their ranks. If you are in the process of recruiting this… Continue

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Strategies and Tools for Corporate Engagement in Community Economic Development

For many corporate leaders, it is not a question of whether to engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR), but rather how to do this in the most effective way a way that not only maximizes corporate value, but also social value. This article draws lessons from corporate engagement to advance community economic development (CED), examining innovative corporate engagement strategies, and ways in which social impact can be captured, communicated, and enhanced.…


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Social Return on Investment: Capturing the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Return on Investment (SROI) attempts to capture the blended value generated by investments into social or community ventures. The approach uses the tools of cost-benefit analysis to assess the return of these investments. Applied to corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, SROI can be an important tool to demonstrate the social impact of corporate investments into communities.…


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Employees Building Communities: Home Depot and Habitat for Humanity

The Home Depot Canada has formed a unique partnership with Habitat for Humanity Canada that allows both organizations to lever their respective strengths. Habitat for Humanity provides affordable housing solutions, and The Home Depot associates (employees) assist in building the housing in partnership with low-income families. As part of a broader partnership built on financial and in-kind contributions, Home Depot s employee volunteer program has generated significant corporate impact and… Continue

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Franchising for Social Good: Active Green+Ross and Social Capital Partners

Franchising models can be adapted to address important social issues. Social hiring allows businesses to tap into job-ready and qualified segments of the population through community agencies. The benefits to employees, the corporation, and the community can be substantial. These benefits can be even more significant when social franchising efforts are replicated or scaled-up.…


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Strategic Philanthropy for CED: The Co-operators

The Co-operators is committed to building sustainable communities through corporate giving. Through the establishment of Community Economic Development (CED) Funds, they have strategically invested in CED through their CSR efforts. Strategic philanthropy through this community investment initiative has resonated positively with the organization's stakeholders.…


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Investing in Housing: The Public Service Alliance of Canada, Alterna Savings and the Ottawa Community Loan Fund

The Public Service Alliance of Canada Staff and Officers Pension Fund and Alterna Savings Credit Union have partnered to create an innovative vehicle to invest in affordable housing. Through a community development financial institution, the Ottawa Community Loan Fund, the pension fund investment provides a market rate of return as well as a tangible social benefit. This case demonstrates that financial institutions can invest in communities to generate a social return while meeting their… Continue

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Investing in Communities: Meritas Mutual Funds

Socially responsible investing (SRI) is concerned with balancing financial return and social impact. Meritas is a socially-responsible mutual fund company that integrates community investment as a core pillar of SRI. Community investment can be an important brand differentiator for SRI, and provide a significant social benefit to local communities.…


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Accounting for Social Impact: The Expanded Value Added Statement

Social accounting examines ways in which economic, social and environmental value can be captured and communicated. Building on traditional accounting principles, the Expanded Value Added Statement (EVAS) is an innovative tool to account for economic, social, and environmental factors. It provides a way to account for traditionally non-monetized factors (such as volunteer hours) to provide a better picture of social value creation.…


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Creating Social Value Through Purchasing: The Social Purchasing Portal

The Social Purchasing Portal (SPP) allows corporations to leverage existing purchasing power to provide added social value to their communities. The demand-driven business model allows corporations to obtain quality goods and services at competitive prices while also promoting social benefits. The SPP provides a direct and meaningful way to practice corporate social responsibility (CSR) through ethical procurement practices.…


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Information for Social Impact: The CEDTAP Datasets

Timely, objective, and accurate information is scarce on many social issues, and making better data available can itself be a powerful tool for social change. Knowledge management to allow relevant data to be accessed in a timely manner for decision-making and learning purposes can enhance the impact of new or existing social investment initiatives. The CEDTAP datasets present an opportunity to optimize information assets for social change, and can be an important tool for corporations, social… Continue

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Presentation: Youth and Social Enterprise in Canada

Presentation from the Canadian Community Economic Development annual conference on youth engagement in social enterprise in Canada. This (entirely) youth-led presentation, also given at the World Youth Congress in 2008, includes examples, best practices and tools/resources.


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The 2008 Corporate Citizenship Awards, Business Civic Leadership Center, US Chamber of Commerce

The Business Civic Leadership Center's Corporate Citizenship Awards showcase businesses, trade associations, chambers of commerce, and partner organizations for demonstrating ethical leadership and corporate stewardship and for making a positive difference in society.

As part of this, the Partnership Award is presented to a company and a charitable organization that have exemplified success in 2007 and 2008 in working… Continue

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Good Business = Employee Volunteer Programs

As you probably know from checking out my profile, I am a consultant/speaker working in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR. My interest and expertise in this area are concentrated in the Employee Volunteer Programs (EVP’s) also known as Corporate Volunteering/Citizenship. I research the topic daily and collect mountains of data, links, and just interesting stuff.

So I thought I’d share some of it with everyone. Every so often I'll put up some links or items that I… Continue

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