At last! A peek at the ColaLife Trial Plan

ColaLife Trial Plan EXEC and Key Diagrams Cover

Many ColaLife supporters will be itching to see the culmination of our work over the last 3 years: our plan for the first field trial of the ColaLife concept – the snappily named ColaLife Operational Trial Zambia (or COTZ, when you are trying to fit it into a funder’s 600 character project description!).

We always said that ‘the devil is in the detail’ and it has taken 3 years: . . . from our first convening on Facebook in 2008, our link-up with BBC Radio, engaging with The Coca-Cola Company, our UnLtd award which has kept food on the table and came just in time as Jane and I decided we had to commit ourselves full-time, the sponsored cycle ride across France, our three trips to Zambia (Oct 2010, Jan 2011, May 2011) . . . All this has culminated in just 14 pages! Plus some very useful charts and diagrams, and for those who are not faint hearted: 39 footnotes and 17 pages of Appendices.

The Executive Summary and the key pictures, charts and diagrams can be downloaded here (PDF, 537 KB).

Because the plan still under consideration by funders, and partners have yet to sign the memoranda of understanding, we can’t yet put the full plan in the open - despite our commitment to Open Innovation. However, if you’d like more than the Executive Summary, you can also request a fuller version of the plan here.

We’ve built the plan using a co-design process, from a well understood need, but from the bottom up. The plan is not a rushed response to a funding opportunity. It is a detailed, and fully-costed, description of how we propose to rigorously test the ColaLife concept in Zambia through a local cross-sector partnership. The formulation of the plan has only been possible because so many big players have been willing to work together in an 'unlikely alliance' involving some of the biggest names on the planet. Here are just some of them:

Implementation partners:

  1. Ministry of Health, Republic of Zambia
  2. UNICEF, Zambia
  3. Zambian Breweries plc (Zambian subsidiary of SABMiller plc)
  4. Keepers Zambia Foundation, Zambia
  5. Medical Stores Limited, Zambia
  6. ColaLife
Partnering sub-contractors:
  1. PI Global (ADK Packaging)
  2. Mobile Transactions Zambia Limited
Operational research contractor (still to be selected by UNICEF, through competitive tender)

The planning process would not have been possible without the support at global level of The Coca-Cola Company, SABMiller and Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceutica. We are also grateful to Rohit Ramchandani, currently studying for his Doctorate in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, for his input on the trial design and many others too numerous to mention here, but many of whom are listed in the acknowledgements contained in the plan.

The plan has triggered confirmation of support from the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust. Jane and I worked with a small team at Johnson & Johnson/Janssen Pharmaceutica in their ‘Innovation Bootcamp’ from October 2010 to January 2011 and this helped to challenge and refine the ColaLife concept.

The plan is now with potential funders, and we’ve been able to approach them with 25% of the total of USD1.354m we need already confirmed in cash and in-kind from partners.

Having the commitment of the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust is a huge boost and will give some reassurance to others. However, we appreciate that other funders will still have to work hard to support us as we are not always responding to a specific ‘call for proposals’ from them.

We hope that the funders will now be able to show the same creativity and flexibility that we have seen from all the partners and supporters of the plan so far.

This is a really significant milestone in ColaLife’s short life. Thanks to everyone who has helped us get this far.

Onwards and upwards!

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