Call for Chapter Authors: Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Call for Researchers and Chapter Co-Authors
Forthcoming Case Study Book from Gower Publishing, UK

“Entrepreneurship and Sustainability: Business Solutions for Poverty Alleviation from around the World”

Book Editor and Contributing Author:
Daphne Halkias, PhD.
Research Affiliate, Institute for the Social Sciences
Cornell University, New York, USA
Senior Research Fellow, Center for Young and Family Enterprise
University of Bergamo, Italy
Editor, International Journal of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Publication Date: September 2011
Hardback: ISBN 978-1-4094-2873-2
E-Book: ISBN 978-1-4094-2874-9

Purpose and research goals of the book:
That innovation and entrepreneurship are important for poverty alleviation and community sustainability is well established. However, little cross-national comparative research has been done to enhance understanding on how entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability work together for poverty alleviation and formulating recommendations for future research and policy directions. For the socially innovative entrepreneur, business is not just about doing well. Multiple entrepreneurs worldwide have launched or are leading successful for-profit ventures in many fields which contribute to social innovation and, specifically, to poverty alleviation in their communities. With the challenge of global poverty before them, entrepreneurs in every field have worked to develop innovative, business-oriented ventures that deliver promising solutions to this complex and urgent agenda.

This book will therefore present cases, research and narrative essays from the international growing sector of for-profit enterprises with a social mission – led by a new breed of entrepreneurs who are investing money into sustainability issues aimed at making the world a better place. These entrepreneurs offer sustainability through 'social innovation': a blend of the profit motive and the desire to make a difference in their communities as well as beyond borders. The Editor seeks original research contributions that are informed by quantitative and qualitative research methods (esp. case studies), as well as chapters that address conceptual aspects grounded in theory. The aim of this book book is to gather contributing authors from at least 15 different nations and regions to support the cross-national element of the book.

As a special note, much research focus has been devoted to the issue of poverty alleviation and its struggles in developing countries. This case study/research book will also giving some attention to enterprise solutions to poverty in pockets of significant deprivation in high-income countries, such as can be found in the Appalachia region of the US, Europe, Asia, etc.

Suggested topics of cases study research and conceptual papers:
Entrepreneurship and Sustainability
Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Poverty Alleviation
Entrepreneurship and Urban Poverty Alleviation
Ethnic Entrepreneurship and Community Sustainability Strategies
Women Entrepreneurs in the fight against Poverty
Sustainability Entrepreneurship and its effect on Employee issues
Venture Capitalism as Sustainability Entrepreneurship
Economic and Social Policy Issues
Risk management in Sustainability Entrepreneurship
Education and Community Involvement Issues
Corporate Social Responsibility
Public Private Partnerships and New Types of Collaborations in Social Innovation
Technology Entrepreneurship for Sustainability
New Financing Models for Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Pro-Innovation Regulation for Poverty Alleviation

About the Editor/Author:
Daphne Halkias, PhD. is Research Affiliate at The Institute for Social Sciences at Cornell University, USA; Senior Research Fellow at Center for Young and Family Enterprise (CYFE) at University Bergamo Italy; CEO of Executive Coaching Consultants, an international consulting firm specializing in cross-cultural business, academic and research projects; Research Associate at the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies (CCIS), University of California, San Diego, USA; Editor of The International Journal of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Member of “Business Fights Poverty” ( and numerous other academic/research/business associations committed to supporting poverty alleviation and social inclusion.

Book Production Timeline
November- December 2010: Identify chapter authors and chapter topics
February 15, 2011: First draft of chapters due to Editors
February – March, 2011: Author – Editor Interaction re: drafts and rewrites
April 1, 2011: Final draft to Editor
April 30, 2011: Final manuscript to Publisher

Authors are encouraged to work with co-authors, preferably a senior author working with a junior colleague. If you are interested in becoming a researcher and/or chapter co-author for this upcoming applied research book, please contact Dr. Daphne Halkias at

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