Anja König: Green and Inclusive Business – Developing Markets for Sustainable Growth


By Anja König, Impact Solutions


“Our business is profitable because it is inclusive” was how Javier Flores, green and inclusive entrepreneur from Peru, framed his success when he described the benefits of integrating social and ecological aspects in his business’ bottom line. Over 250 participants from more than 70 countries gathered for two days at the 16th International Business Forum (IBF) to discuss how to develop markets for sustainable growth. Integrating environmental and social goals into a sustainable business model was the overarching theme for the many workshops and plenaries of the conference.


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Over 250 entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs, policymakers, NGO representatives and sustainable development experts from more than 70 countries gathered for two days to discuss this year’s IBF theme: Green and Inclusive Business – Exploring and Developing Markets for Sustainable Growth. Integrating environmental and social goals into a sustainable business model was the overarching theme for the many workshops and plenaries of the conference.


In his opening remarks, Mr. Hans-Jürgen Beerfeltz, State Secretary of BMZ, praised the conference organizers for their choice of Istanbul as the host city. “Istanbul is the ideal location for the conference”, said Beerfeltz, referring to the city’s unique position connecting the Orient and Occident. He also emphasized the importance of this year’s topic, stating that “inclusive businesses are not some weak idea,” instead insisting that “they are serious and successful.”


The ideas shared by Mr. Beerfeltz and the other opening speakers sparked the participation of the attendees during the first dialogue, which covered a range of issues, from challenges facing youth to issues of financial sustainability and policy framework surrounding inclusive businesses and NGOs.


The atmosphere buzzed with energy. Participants and panelists seemed to embrace the conference’s theme of learning from each others’ challenges, while celebrating the values of persistence and courage. “There are no failures,” remarked Salinee Tavaranan, Founder & CEO of SunSawang, a young social enterprise based in Thailand, “it is about persistence.”
The forum was organized by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), and in Partnership with the UN Global Compact, The Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development, and the International Chamber of Commerce.


Together with Business Fights Poverty, the conference organizers invite you to continue the discussion on the IBF hot topics. For this, you will find a blog series on Business Fights Poverty over the coming days, dealing with the following issues:


  • What’s hot in impact investing for green and inclusive business?” by Anja König, Social Impact Markets
  • Get to know champions of green and inclusive Business – an Introduction to the winners of the CHANGING Markets Award… by Cosima Strasser, Adelphi
  • What Does “Inclusive Business” Mean for Women Entrepreneurs? by Audry Maulana, Student Reporters
  • A Muddled Path To Sustainable Production and Consumption by Mihailo Terzic, Student Reporters
  • Looking for Youth in Business by Appoline Nassour, Student Reporters


You have the opportunity to discuss with

Anja König, Social Impact Markets, Kim Nguyen Van, Head of Programme Sustainable Economic Development at GIZ, Aline Krämer, Managing Director Endeva and more TBC

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